A Traditional Japanese Breakfast You Haven’t Heard Of


So on my hike this morning with a Boulder club, I met this little ole sweet Japanese lady:)  Yet another example of an older person who is still strong and active…love it!  Anyway, she shared with me a simple recipe that is very common among the Japanese people.  It came up when she asked me if I ever ate raw eggs. It is usually eaten in the morning in Tokyo where she grew up.  I made it when I got home as a nice recovery feed for lunch and was surprised how much I enjoyed it:


1 cup freshly cooked white rice
2 pastured eggs
A dash of fermented soy sauce to taste (make sure its fermented, this way you are safe from the negative health effects of soy)
1 strip baked Nori seaweed


1- Stir up two raw eggs in a bowl until creamy
2- Add 1 cup cooked, fluffy white rice (or more or less depending on hunger)
3- Add the fermented soy sauce to taste
4- Crumble up Nori and sprinkle on top
5- Mix together well in same bowl, then dig in!

Optional: She also shared with me that adding some wild caught salmon to the mix goes very well with the dish.  Any type of seaweed or algae is very nutritious and something missing in the American diet. Pastured eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods you will ever find.  No wonder the Japanese people live so long!

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