This is one of my favorite breakfast foods (or lunch).  I found it online awhile back and love the combo.  I tweaked it some for personal preference and added some additional info.  Quick and easy real food recipe!

1 medium sized sweet potato, diced small

2 hardboiled eggs

½ small red onion, diced

5 strips of bacon, diced in small pieces

1 avocado, diced


1. Soft boil your eggs (boiling too long can oxidize the yolks decreasing nutrient value…and taste in my opinion)

2. While your eggs are boiling, cook your bacon in some coconut oil.

3. After 5 minutes of cooking your bacon, add your sweet potato (again diced small or cut into thin pieces) and onion.

4. Cook until the sweet potato is a light gold.

5. Once your eggs are cooked, peel the shell and dice them.

6. In your bowl, mix your ingredients together (including your avocado).

7. Ready to roll:)


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