Beef tongue tacos with what???


Properly made beef tongue is actually really good not to mention very healthy.  It contains vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and the all important B12.  It also contains choline which is one of the newest nutrients to be added to the current known list of human vitamins. Beef tongue is considered an organ meat but is really a muscle (now that you know that and can sleep tonight I will explain the picture you see).

I use four ingredient, organic non GMO wheat free tortillas.  They actually taste almost like your typical corn tortilla but without the added fillers, chemicals, industrial seed oils and other garbage.  I include in the tacos real melted cheese, Haas avocados, fresh cilantro, sea salt and black pepper and the tongue.  On the side is raw, plain white yogurt from the dairy and farmers market organic raspberries and black berries.

A very nutritious, whole foods meal and if you want to try organ meats the tongue is a good place to start.  Organ meats in general like heart, liver, kidney, etc., are very inexpensive and more nutrient dense than just about anything else on the planet.  That is precisely why pre-WWII they were consumed on a regular basis.

Bon appetit!

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